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Conversations with Joe

(We’re watching The Transporter 2)

(Shush.   It was his idea,  not mine).

Joe:     Oh this is a really good fight scene

Me:      ….mmmm…

Joe:     It’s got swords AND axes

Me:      …mmm…

Joe:     No,  it’s REALLY cool

Me:      …but I’m a GIRL…and I’m playing Bejeweled Blitz….I may need to kill you if Jason Statham messes up my score….

Joe:     …………….


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Conversations with Joe

(We’re having A Romantic Moment.     We joke about being “glued at the silly hip”,  and we were facing each other nose-to-nose)

Me:     Y’know,   this is really not possible physically without either great discomfort or being a case for Dr G…

Joe:     ….you know why she’s called Dr G?

Me:      …*hesitantly*   Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

Joe:    …cos she gets the weirdest cases,   looks at ’em and says “Oh,  gee……”

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There was a goddamn mosquito in my champagne.

10 minutes ago.

I kid you not.

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We take the Burgh by storm.


(with a minor excursion to Ohio to see a Rather Fantastic Attorney Friend of mine who is taking me shopping and promising me a Sucker Party!)

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Conversations with Joe

(It’s unseasonably warm here in WA,   and we’re both sort of just hanging wearing as Little Clothing As Humanly Possible While Remaining Unarrestable).

Me:   <walking past Joe to get to the fridge>    *goose*.     Woops!    Sorry,  hand slipped.   OK that’s a lie.   I have no defense to that.

Joe:    OH MY!    Oh…it’s perfectly fine!!!     Why do you need a defense?

Me:    …..<pause>     To hold up de gate and keep in de dog….?

Joe:    …….*facepalm*….

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Because it should not take 10 friggin business days for a foreign check to clear.

I know,  I know,   I understand that these are considered “collection items”.

I know that many major banks take up to 8 weeks to clear these items and that I should be thankful that my bank only takes about 10 days.

But come ON.

This is the 20th..uh…21st…20-something’th  century for crying out loud.

Grumble grumble.

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